Urban space as a resonance room – a site­specific concert

by Anders Flodin

H+ is the largest city renewal project in Helsingborg during modern times. By 2035 the old harbour- and industrial areas, around one million square meters in size, will evolve into a mixed city. The H+ area will make room for the new and existing city districts Oceanhamnen, Universitetsområdet, Husarområdet and Gåsebäck, which will be linked together with the city centre and the surrounding districts. Thus, Helsingborg will be joined as a tightly-knitted and even more attractive city. then it already is. The first district up for development is Oceanhamnen. 

As part of this new urban renewal project; the city has lent a large area of the Oslopiren, beside Oceanhamnen, to give residents a opportunity to test both small and big ideas. Here, Helsingborg’s new meeting place start with new activities and experiences – #pixlapiren

The idea of the concert UN AGE at #pixlapiren, began after a meeting with Timo Pyhälä and the ensemble FISQ – Free Improvisation String Quartet at the music festival Musica Nova in Helsingfors in February 2017. 

After the meeting we offered an invitation to emerging or affirmed composers to submit original works, i.e. ideas, graphic scores, texts etc. of any kind of instruments or ensembles for the event. All the works had to be bound to the concept of one A4-page and any kind of instruments or ensembles. 

At the start of the project, a blog was also launched to document the project and to maintain an open dialogue between participants and other interested persons. The blog contained information about how the work process progressed and related to everyday reflections such as meetings or thoughts in regards to compositions submitted. 

At the concert on the 19th of August 2017 all the musicians divided the scores in between the ensembles. 

I would also like to present an activity and dimension which has contributed extensively, the creation of direct contact with international developments in composition and performance techniques/instrumental techniques through our guests; FISQ – Free Improvisation String Quartet (FI), Lauri Hyvärinen (FI), Samuel Berthod (FR) and Bence Pintér (HU). 

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